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  • Periodical ITV inspections

    Periodical inspections of motor vehicles, established by Royal Decree 2042/1994 of 14 October, laying down the rules governing the Technical Inspection of Vehicles.

  • Non Periodical ITV inspections

    Safety inspections.
    Voluntary inspections requested by the owners of the vehicles.
    Inspections of vehicles involved in accidents with major damage to its structure or security elements (Art. 6 Apdo. 5 RD 2042/94).

  • Modified vehicles inspections

    Inspections performed during the execution of important reforms.
    Inspections prior to the reassignment of the vehicle, as defined by the General Vehicle Regulation.

  • Inspections of issuance or correction of Technical card

    Inspections prior to registration of the car /> Inspections to issue duplicate of ITV Card.
    Correction of wrong ITV Card

  • Special inspections

    Inspections that are required to the owner of the vehicle by any of the agencies with jurisdiction conferred on this subject.
    Partial inspections.
    Inspections of sonometry.
    Weighing of vehicles.
    Renewal of certificate ADR.
    Renewal of certificate ATP-TMP.
    Revisions of taximeter.
    Certification of green and safe vehicles.
    Odometer inspections.
    Tachograph inspections.
    Certification of vehicles.
    Adequacy of School Transportation.