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Prices ITV Menorca

Periodical ITV Inspections

Depending on the age and type of vehicle, the frequency to pass ITV may differ. In the table below you will find when you have to pass the ITV of your vehicle.

VehicleITV Prices

Passenger vehicles

Gasoline no catalyst 29,33€
Gasoline catalyst 35,06€
Diesel 51,10€
Electric 29,33€


Gasoline no catalyst vehicle up to 3 wheels 19,20€
Gasoline catalyst vehicle up to 3 wheels 24,93€
Diesel vehicle up to 3 wheels 29,88€

Light vehicles ( <=3.500kg)

Gasoline no catalyst 37,71€
Gasoline catalyst 43,44€
Diesel 59,48€
Electric 37,71€

Heavy vehicles (>3,500kg)

Gasoline no catalyst 46,17€
Gasoline catalyst 51,90€
Diesel 89,32€

Trailers and semitrailers (> 3,500g)


Trailers and semitrailers (<= 3,500g)


Special Vehicles (V.E.)


Self-propelled tractors and agricultural machines


Agricultural trailers


Extraordinary inspections (Accident Vehicles)


Heavy truck (per axle)

*All rates include the Traffic Department tax and 21% VAT.

Modified vehicle's inspections and other services

ITV inspection reform is done when you have made changes or substitutions in a vehicle, prior or not to registration, that without being included in the type approval produce any of the following situations: Change some of the features listed on the Technical Inspection Card or fundamental characteristics and / or defined safety regulations are altered.

Other ServicesPrices
Prior to the registration of vehicles of importation not exemption of approval 135,14€
Prior to the registration of vehicles of importation for importer that is not an official representative in Spain 135,14€
Prior of vehicle of importation exempted  from RD 2140/85 approval  98,04€
Prior of the registation of Spanish or imported vehicles for oficial representation 61,40€
Revisió previa al canvi de matrícula regulada per RD 1539/96 61,40€
Important reform with project 35,34€
Important reform without project 17,75€
Duplicate of Technical Inspection Card 21,43€
Taximeter 13,15€
Extraordinaty Inspection of School Transport 32,92€
Certification of Trailer Inspection 22,59€
Annotation ITV card 9,41€
Weighing (per axle) 5,10€
Inspection of lighting by regloscope 10,68€
Smoke analysis 10,68€
Instance folder 1,02€
Issue of certificates without prior inspection 5,70€
Issue of certificates with prior inspection 17,81€
Duplicate of sheet inspection and/or the adhesive 5,70€
Record book for vehicle manufacturers 52,71€
Moving mobile unit 64,34€
Supplement for moving vehicles 6,43€
VIN marking