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ITV Prices Catalonia

Periodical ITV Inspections

Depending on the age and type of vehicle, the frequency to pass ITV may differ. In the table below you will find when you have to pass the ITV of your vehicle

VehiclesITV Price 

Passenger vehicles

Gasoline no catalyst 39,50€
Gasoline catalyst 40,55€
Diesel 45,50€
Electric 39,50€
Motorcyles (Vehicles up to 3 wheels) 21,20€

Light vehicles ( <=3,500kg)

Gasoline no catalyst 44,10€
Gasoline catalyst 48,40€
Diesel 54,90€
Electric 44,10€

Heavy vehicles (>3,500kg)


Trailers and semitrailers (> 3,500kg)


Trailers and semitrailers (<= 3,500kg)


Special Vehicles (V.E.)


Self-propelled tractors and agricultural machines


Agricultural trailers

*All rates include the Traffic Department tax and 21% VAT.
*If the second inspections are conducted whith positive results whithin a maximum term of 15 calendar days from the first inspection, this second review will be free.

Modified vehicle's inspections and other services

ITV inspection reform is done when you have made changes or substitutions in a vehicle, prior or not to registration, that without being included in the type approval produce any of the following situations: Change some of the features listed on the Technical Inspection Card or fundamental characteristics and / or defined safety regulations are altered.

Other servicesPrices
Simplified reforms 31,40€
Important reforms, prior to the registration of new vehicles, changes in registration, legalization of couplings 41,90€
Imported used vehicles or intra-Community 95,80€
Taximeter inspection(2) 11,50€
Duplicate of Technical Inspection Card 41,90€
Recording and issuance of damaged technical inspection card 2,30€
Dangerous or perishables goods certificate (ADR o ATP)(3) 95,80€
Partial opinions on the state of the vehicle (noise, gasoline vehicle emissions) 13,95€
Partial opinions about smoke emission measures (opacity) in passenger cars, light vehicles (<=3.500kg) and special vehicles  21,85€
Reports with smoke emission measurement (opacity) heavy vehicle (>3.500kg) 27,80€
VIN marking 66,95€
(1) Rates will be applied only once a year, regardless of the number and type of reviews that have been made by the approved inspection body over the year 
(2) Does not include triennial nor sexennial reviews