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  • appointment ITV BarcelonaThe new way to pass the ITV, faster and closer

When to pass ITV

Type of vehicle Age of vehicle Periodicity

ITV Moped

Age < 3 years EXEMPT
Age > 3 years BIENNIAL

ITV Motorcycles

Age < 4 years EXEMPT
Age > 4 years BIENNIAL

ITV Passenger cars

Age < 4 years EXEMPT
4 years < Age < 10 years BIENNIAL
Age > 10 years ANNUAL

ITV Light vehicles

Age < 2 years EXEMPT
2 Years < Age < 6 Years BIENNIAL
6 years < Age < 10 years ANNUAL
Age > 10 years BIANNUAL

ITV Heavy vehicles

Age < 10 years ANNUAL
Age > 10 years BIANNUAL
Consult the regulations

For vehicles that have not passed their 1st ITV yet, here is a list of license plate's ranges to which correspond to pass the 1st ITV this year, differentiated by months.

Plates Month of 1st ITV year 2021
From JVZ to JWN January
From JWN to JXF February
From JXF to JYB March
From JYB to JYT April
From JYT to JZP May
From JZP to KBM June
From KBM to KCH July
From KCH to KCV August
From KCV to KDK September
From KDK to KFC October
From KFC to KFW November
From KFW to KGN December

There are other services for which you can also go to an ITV station without being subject to a frequency, such as:

  •  Safety ITV inspection
  •  Voluntary ITV inspection
  •  Damaged vehicles ITV inspection
  •  Reform ITV inspections
  •  Issue or correction of the Technical Inspection Card inspection