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What should I do before going to ITV?

Always keep vehicle in good condition. To ensure proper performance and avoid undesired situations, it is advisable to perform regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. Remember to bring the original documents of the vehicle (registration document and the Technical Inspection Card).

Can I pass inspection without an appointment?

Of course, the request is not mandatory. However, the inspection center try to plan the inspection loadwork taking into consideration the appointment that may exist.

What happens if I submit the vehicle for inspection after the expiration date of the last inspection?

ITV stations do not penalize for submitting the vehicle out of time and the center will perform the inspection. However, if the vehicle is detected moving through the roads with ITV expired, the owner can be punished by the agents of authority responsible for traffic monitoring.

What is the deadline to pass the periodic inspection?

The periodical inspection frequency is variable depending on the type of vehicle and its age, taking into account the date of 1st registration. If the vehicle has already made a regular technical inspection, the deadline for the re-inspection is indicated on the back of the Technical Inspection Card and badge placed on the windscreen of the vehicle.

What should I do once in the station ITV?

Park the vehicle, you must contact the office public service vehicle documentation (registration certificate, Technical Inspection Card and last receipt of insurance of the vehicle). Tell the inspection staff to perform.

What checks made to the vehicle?

During the periodic roadworthiness inspection is checked more than 100 points of the vehicle, all related to road safety and environmental protection.

What happens once the inspection?

Once finalized the inspection a report is issued. Include the following information on the classification of defects found:

Minor defect: should be repaired as soon as possible without requiring a re-inspection to verify that was corrected.
Major defect:
Disable the vehicle to travel on public roads except for transfer to the garage or workshop or, where appropriate, to regularize their situation and return to the Inspection station for further inspection.
Serious defect: The use of the vehicle entails a danger to their occupants or other road users. In this case the movement of the vehicle must be made with external resources.

What could be the result of the inspection?

Depending on the fault, the result of the inspection will be one of the following:

Favorable: The inspection does not present any defect.
Favorable with minor defects: The inspection does not present major or serious defects, but has detected a minor defect.
Unfavorable: The inspection does not present any serious defect, but it has detected a major fault.
Negative: It has detected a serious defect.

What I have to do if I lost the Technical Inspection Card?

You will need to request a duplicate with the following documentation: ID card and registration document or, failing that, the temporary permit authorizing circular issued by the Traffic Department (Road Safety Authority).

Why should we spend the ITV?

According to the General Rules of vehicles, a periodic test is needed in order to ensure that the vehicle state is right to move without endangering users or third parties.

Can I modify or cancel my appointment ITV?

Yes. To change your appointment, you must first cancel via the form on this page "Modify / Cancel appointment", and then you must perform your appointment through "Make an ITV appointment ".