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Culture & values

Certio is an innovative company whose mission is to have a more sustainable society through the activities that he do. We want to introduce a clear added value in all services of the company. Our culture shows different principles:



  1. We take care that everything is ready from the beginning.
  2. Provide precision, innovation and creativity to our services


  1. Proactivity and initiative.
  2. Our customers should feel no worries, no doubt, updated, informed and in good condition.
  3. We advance to prevent problems and difficulties. Anticipating to respond before things happen.
  4. We use the latest technology, innovate in the services of creative ideas to incorporate and advance the needs of our customers.
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Sustainable Intelligence

  1. Get activities with zero impact to the environment.
  2. Create education and environmental awareness, both personal and collective.
  3.  Respect and care for our environment

Right hand and care taker

  1. To answer the need for someone to trust, to be my advisor, to help me to decide what is the best.
  2. Provide a service accomplice and allied, who advise you. All we seek safety, not only for ourselves but for the rest of the world. It is a shared responsibility.
  3. Provide support and understanding.
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  1. Be vigilant for the safety of our customers.
  2. Being aware of our activity.
  3. Keep the eyes open

Giving peace of mind

  1. Specialized professional service and team work.
  2. Provide an excellent treatment, with a close relationship, personal, respectful and humane.
  3. Safety in our activities.

What ever, When ever

  1. Always give facilities and additional availability.
  2. Giving our customers the highest utility..
  3. We want our guests to feel understood, cared, treated from person to person.
  4. Be more efficient.
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  1. Innovation:continuous improvement in our activity.
  2. Customer oriented: understand and adapt to the needs.
  3. Social responsibility: We believe in what we do.
  4. Commitment: professional development.

Strategic priorities

  1. Technological development.
  2. Training and people development
  3. Organizational culture
  4. Quality of service.
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